Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

The struggle to renew your car license seems to be an ever-present annoyance. Sometimes it even feels like only a few weeks have passed from the last renewal before you have to do it again. But maybe you’re new to the driving scene or you’ve never had your license renewed. Maybe you just need a refresher. Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

Car licenses can be renewed at a relevant registering authority or your local post office. The application will be processed there and then.

In an ideal world, I could be more specific about what constitutes a ‘relevant registering authority’ but the good news is that more and more locations around the country are making this task one of their available services. Most notably, many Pick n Pay shopping centres can now perform license renewals. In short, if you’re not sure about where to go to renew your vehicle license, the post office is always your best bet. But just remember that there is a growing number of venues around the country that are now offering this service.

Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?
Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

When do I have to renew my License?

Your car licence is valid for a one-year period following its renewal. This period lasts until the last day of the month in which the expiration takes place. For example, if you get your license renewed on the 5th of November 2020, the license will only expire on the 30th of November 2021.

The exact date of your license’s expiration should appear on the paper disc issued at your last renewal. This disc is usually displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle.

What is the Grace Period for an Expired car License?

Following its expiration, the license holder has a 21-day grace period in which to renew their license. Once this period has elapsed, you may be subject to fines depending on how long the license has expired for.

How much does a Vehicle License/Renewal Cost?

Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

The price of a vehicle license or a license renewal is based on the weight of the vehicle and the province in which it is licensed.

As such it is impossible to give an exact total cost of a vehicle license without knowing both your location and vehicle weight but the very rough estimates for the average vehicle are as follows –

Province*Vehicle WeightCost (rough estimate)
KwaZulu-Natal1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R550   R800   R1100
Eastern Cape1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R450 – R500   R700   R1000
Free State1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R450   R600   R800
Gauteng1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R400 – R450   R700   R1050 – R1100
Limpopo1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R350 – R400   R550   R1000
Mpumalanga1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R400 – R450   R650   R950 – R1000
Northern Cape1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R450   R700   R1000
Western Cape1000kgs   1500kgs   2000kgs  R400 – R450   R650   R1000
How much does a vehicle license/renewal cost?

*Eastern Cape figures not gazetted

Additionally, there is a R72 transaction fee that is charged on top of the aforementioned costs with rumours that this fee may be increased in the coming years.

What are the Fines for an Expired License?

There are two main fines that you may receive if you have an expired license.

  • The first fine may be charged by a traffic officer if you are caught in the act of operating a vehicle without a valid license. The price of this penalty is decided at the discretion of the traffic officer but may cost up to R1000.
  • The second fine will be charged when renewing an expired vehicle license once it has passed the grace period.

A 10% cost increase is added to the fine for every month over the expiration date. This increase is based on the initial cost of the license. In other words, if your license fee is normally R500 and you renew it 2 months after the expiry date, your new fee will be R600 as you will be forced to pay R50 extra for every month overdue.

Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?
Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

What will I need to renew my License?

There are a few things you’ll need when renewing your license. Additionally, these requirements will differ depending on whether or not the vehicle is registered in your name or in the name of a business or organisation.

If the vehicle is registered in your name, make sure your take the following items –

  • Identification Document
  • Proof of residential address – You may choose to use a utility bill, if however, you are a tenant and the bill is not in your name, the property owner must make an affidavit identifying you as a resident on the property along with the bill which should be attached to the affidavit.
  • Ward councillor certification –  If you live in an informal settlement you will need to provide documentation including an official date stamp from the ward councillor to confirm your residence.
  • Relevant paperwork – For renewals, you will need the Motor Vehicle Licence Renewal Notice(MVL2), which should be sent to you either via email, post or SMS. If you are applying for a license for the first time you will need an Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle Form(ALV) which should be available either from a registering authority or your local post office.

If the vehicle is registered in the name of a business or organisation you will require the following –

  • Business Certification from the business or organization
  • ID of proxy
  • Letter of proxy
  • An MVL2 or AVL form as mentioned above

Lastly, if you are registering a heavy load vehicle or if your vehicle is used for public transport (such as a minibus taxi) you will need to first apply for, and receive a roadworthiness certificate.

Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

These certificates can be obtained at a private or public vehicle testing facility.

How Long will it take to get my License Renewed?

The request for renewal is processed on the same day that it is made, so technically, you should have a renewed vehicle license by the time you leave the registering authority or post office.

If however, you’re wondering how long you will be standing in line, that’s all down to the location in question. This is why it’s probably a good idea to look around for different registering areas and pick the one with the least amount of people.

Of course, you can always stand in a long line and try to make new friends.

Covid-19 Impact and Online Services

The current pandemic has led to various extended grace periods being offered as it is accepted that vehicle owner will not be able to register or renew their licenses as normal. Make sure to check if one of these grace periods is active before seeking renewal as you may have more time available than you originally thought.

Recently, some provinces have attempted to streamline and sterilize the process by making it entirely digital. These new systems are currently being tested in hopes that individuals will no longer be forced to wait in lines and potentially spread the virus. There are nevertheless, notable critics to this new approach that highlight the inherent issues with the online process.

Warnings over Online Services – Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

Some people have recently turned their attention to new methods of license renewal including a Whatsapp service that simplifies the procedure.

It is important to understand though, that these services are offered via private companies. As such, when using them, the responsibility is one of the individuals to ensure that they are not scammers. The Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesperson Simon Zwane has pointed out that these services are not sanctioned by the government and thus their credentials cannot be verified.

While it is not illegal to use these services, it should be done with the appropriate level of caution as they may be offered by bad actors.

Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?
Where can I get my Car License Renewed In South Africa?

In conclusion – Where can I get my Car License Renewed?

Vehicle license renewals are obtained at any official registering authority or at your local post office. There are many registering authorities around the country as well as many Pick n Pay shopping centres. A quick google search of your area should locate the closest area of registration.

This process must take place once a year although many grace periods have been issued due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The registration or renewal process should be completed on the same day as the application. The cost of the license depends on the vehicle’s weight and the province in question with heavier vehicles costing more to license.

If you are caught operating a vehicle without a valid license you may receive a fine of up to R1000. When renewing your license, you will be charged for the initial price as well as a 10% increase per month over the limit. Make sure you take your ID, proof of residency, and all relevant paperwork when renewing or applying for a license. There are methods of online registration but these are not certified by the government and may be run by scammers, as such, caution is advised.

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